How to Have Good Posture with a Desk Jobs.

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It can be unavoidable to sit at a desk for long periods of time…. when you have a desk job. Which a lot of us do!

Even if we aren’t spending numerous hours sitting in front of a computer, we’re more than likely texting, driving, sitting in front of a tv, or eating at a table at some point throughout our day. All of these postures more than likely have us rolling our shoulders forward, bending our necks down, and putting a major amount of strain on our spine. Just take a moment to think about how your body adjusts to looking down at our screens and compare that image to an upright, straight spine posture. It will probably have you cringe a little (or a lot!). It really isn’t the best set up and we’ll actually start to experience the consequences over time.

But just wait! Even if we can’t completely cut out these activities completely from our lives, there are small daily exercises we can do to make sure we’re keeping our bodies happy.

  • Our spine is meant to move and bend but at it’s natural, comfortable alignment, the spine is stacked straight. So as we’re sitting, working on the computer, watching tv, staring at our tablet or phone in the check-out line, take a second to review how our spine is aligned. If it isn’t stacked upright, we’re probably putting unnecessary strain on it.
  • Move! There is no magic number that says you should “get up and walk every 30 minutes” even though we hear these statements all the time. Everybody’s body is different. If you’ve been sitting for a while and you start to notice your posture is slowly slacking than get up and walk around. Go grab a snack, go to the bathroom, go talk to a coworker, anything that will get you on your feet and realigning your spine.
  • Take a moment out of your day to stretch. It can be 15 minutes when you get up, a yoga class over your lunch hour, or a short series before you go to bed but take some time to show your body you care about it. This short routine each day will go a long way to overall health when you have a sedentary career. (I’ll be following up with a short series you can incorporate into your morning or nightly routine)
  • If you have the option, rotate between sitting and standing during work hours. You don’t have to have an adjustable desk. You can find a countertop to work at or stack boxes or books to build height for you to set your laptop atop.
  • Set an alarm on your phone or reminder on your computer to run through a few desk stretches to help relax your muscles and release any unnecessary tension you might be holding in your body. Again, these small moves can have an impact. (I’ll also be following with some fun tips on moves you can do while sitting or standing at your desk)

We’ve heard plenty of the health affects sitting at our desks and staring at our phones has on our body. Now is the time to take care of ourselves! What are some of your favorite tips or tricks to help your posture?



Wine Down Wellness: Lower Body.



It’s been a short moment since the last Wine Down Wednesday. The last few weeks have been an insanely busy time and I’ve decided to change up these posts. Instead of Wine Down Wednesday, they will be “Wine Down Wellness” so I can post them when it is a bit more convenient and potentially more often.

Today’s Wine Down Wellness series is focused on low impact, lower-body moves. If I’m looking to put less impact on my knees and ankles, I will not jump but simply do these moves at a slower stepping pace. If I’m looking for more of a challenge in my workout for the day, I will then jump. Let me know if you try this sequence out, mix it up, and how it felt for you!

Warm Up (1 Round)

  • 60 High Knees (slow pace)
  • 40 Full Range Squats
  • 60 Forward Lunges (Rotate between each leg)
  • 60 Jumping Jacks

Set 1 (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Up Downs
  • 50 Butt Kicks
  • 15 Full Squats

Set 2 (3 Rounds)

  • 20 Lunges Pulsing down Right
  • 20 Lunges Pulsing down Left
  • 20 Sumo squats with side crunches at the bottom
  • 20 Power Knee ups Right
  • 20 Power Knee ups Lift

Set 3 (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Squats w/ Leg lift to the side (rotate sides)
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges Right
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges Left
  • 40 Squat + Toe Tap Right
  • 40 Squat + Toe Tap Left

Set 4 = Floor (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 40 Plank Hip Dips
  • 45 Hip Thrusters
  • 20 Side Leg Lifts Right
  • 20 Side Leg Lifts Left

Cool Down

Let’s Get It!

Wine Down Wednesday #6: Squats

Were you able to guess what song I set this week’s sequence to?

Since I had a fitness instructor audition this week I decided to dedicate this week’s #WineDownWednesday to my squat sequence. So get ready to lift that booty and get tone the quads.

Video can be found on YouTube and on my IGTV channel. This week’s sequence will flow best set up on a yoga mat but you do not need one! I am cueing a few upper body moves with weights so feel free to add those into the set but also you can do this sequence just focusing on lower body.

This week’s tips:

  • Weight is in your heels.
  • Knees stay behind your toes.
  • Engage your core so you don’t dump into your stomach.
  • Chest stays lifted, open and proud.


  • Start with full extension squats (30x) Can add in bicep or hammer curls here for added upper body moves.
  • Stay low and pulse (30x)
  • Slow pulse stepping to the back of your mat. End in pulsing at the back of the mat (30x)
  • Full extension squat (30x)
  • Frontal kicks (30x)
  • Stay low and pulse (30x)
    • Lift right heel high (20x)
    • Lift left heel high (20x)
    • Back to right heel high (10x)
    • Back to left heel high (10x)
    • Alternate between the two (40x)
  • Step back up to the top of your mat in a low pulse walk
  • Two step Full extension squat (30x)
  • Toe tap to the right in a low pulse (25x)
  • Toe tap to the left in a low pulse (25x)
  • Hold low squat (:30 seconds)


How to Prepare for a Morning Work Out Class.

I’m not going to lie, I am one of the worst about getting up in the morning for working out. I claim to be a morning person but when it comes to working out in the morning, I am not that type of person!

Low and behold, I am trying to turn over a new leaf. So whether you are trying to hop over to your gym, tie on your sneakers for a sunrise jog, or getting into an early workout class then we’re in this together.

With anything, a morning work out can be made easier with some helpful tips and tricks. I’ve compiled a few different things that normally help me roll out of bed a little easier before the sun has started to shine.

  • Set out your work out clothes. If you already have them laid out, it is much easier to slip into them instead of spending time picking out what you’re going to wear.
  • Even better, wear your work out clothes to bed. I do this all the time and I am not ashamed one bit.
  • Recruit a buddy early on. This is probably one of the best tricks because you don’t want to let the other person down and now you have a reliablity partner to make sure you show up.
  • Set up a routine that is easy to stick to and not intimidating. If you’re signing up for 5AM CrossFit but you’ve never hit up a CrossFit workout before or you’re aiming to run 6 miles and you’re not in shape to run 1, then you’ll more than likely talk yourself out of a work out that doesn’t sound enjoyable. Find fitness routines that spark interest and a little be of excitement maybe; Hot Yoga, Zumba, Sunrise Hikes. Start simple and then expand the horizon.
  • The night before, prepare a quick healthy snack before you leave the house. A workout on an empty stomach is no bueno, so prepare a protein bar or piece of fruit you can munch on your way.
  • Prepare your breakfast in advance as well. You’ll probably be in an early if you’re coming home between your work out and work so have a healthy meal ready so you’re not scrambling.
  • Set an alarm with a tune that will pump you up to get out of bed. The normal alarm sound is lame and super unmotivating. Set up an alarm that will blast some Sia or Beyonce. A tune that will get you jazzed to start your day off on the right foot.
  • And most important enjoy your workout once you’re there!


Wine Down Wednesday: Quads + Side Hips

Happy Middle of the week (I guess it is my new trend to post the explanations to the WDW videos on Thursday 😉 )

I was dealing with some allergies yesterday and was concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy to film but it miraculously cleared up around mid-afternoon. If you follow along with my Instagram stories you would’ve seen I threw together a quick Chicken Tortilla Soup even though it was a beautiful warm day. Sometimes ya just need some good soup! And I’ll be sharing that recipe later this week.

For this episode, we’re focusing on building up quad and side hip strength. These are excellent moves you can do right in front of the television and you remain seated the entire time. I used two blocks but feel free to substitute with a few books or boxes if you do not have blocks. For the leg lift portion, you can play around with different heights and distances between your blocks to continue to challenge the quad muscles.

Pair the below directions with the video here on YouTube or over on IGTV.


  • We don’t start out with much of a warmup in this episode but if you do need to move a little bit before getting into the actual sequence feel free to do some stretches, lunges, or squats to wake up the muscles.
  • Start with one-inch leg lifts (x20) on the right leg, really focusing on engaging your quad muscles and try not to sway your upper half.
    • Move into rainbow motion (x20) on the right leg, where you are still focusing on just isolating the quad muscle lift but creating an arch from side to side. Try not to use momentum here!
    • Small circles one direction (x20) than opposite direction (x20) on the same leg. The smaller the circle motion the better.
    • Crunch = here you’ll lift your leg a little higher than we started with and at the same time crunch in with your core. Still, focus on lifting your leg with your quad though!
    • Switch to the left leg and repeat.
    • Repeat this entire sequence on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Leg lifts with the blocks = you can get creative here! Place the blocks about 2 feet apart between wide legs.
    • Lift the right leg up and over between each block and back. Repeat 20x.
      • Switch to the left leg x20.
      • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
    • Both legs lifting up and into the center x20. You can use your hands here for stability.  This one is a tough one!
    • Both legs together and lift up and over x20.
  • Stack blocks together either on the horizontal or vertical side.
    • Lift the right leg up and over x20
    • Lift the left leg up and over x20
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Set blocks to the side and move onto your side hip with your legs at 90-degree angles.
    • Lift the right foot up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the right knee up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the entire left up off the group about a few inches (you might need to lean to the side for stability here)
    • Repeat on the left leg.
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 times
  • Cool down with stretching!!
  • Now relax


Caprese Quinoa Salad.

My biggest concern with holidays is the lack of healthy options that are usually available for big meals. We are all prepared to indulge to some extent but I also enjoy balance. I’ve come to an age where I can tell if I don’t get enough vegetables in within a day and trust me, I don’t end up being very pleasant by the end of the day. Which means it is very important for me to have some kind of greens on my plate almost every meal. This dish is an excellent protein packed, healthy side option if you are already a fan of caprese salad.


  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1 package of Mozzarella Pearls
  • 1/4 cup fresh Basil leaves (torn to small pieces)
  • 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1/8 cup Olive Oil
  • Half diced Cucumber
  • Salt + Pepper


  • Bring 2 cups of water to a boil on stovetop. Pour in quinoa and shimmer until water is fully absorbed.
  • Transfer cooked quinoa into medium size bowl.
  • Add in all other ingredients and blend.
  • Chill in the fridge for 3 hours – 3 days. Flavors will intensify and absorb over time.
  • Enjoy!

This is my new favorite sunny day, porch relaxing dish.

Wine Down Wednesday: Sculpted Arms

Don’t even start with telling me it’s Thursday 😉

I was a grandma last night and fell asleep at 9PM and it was glorious but I did not get around to posting about #WineDownWednesday here even though I did share the video on IGTV and YouTube. Sometime you just need a early night.

This week we’re focusing on those lovely arms in a 10(ish) minute burnout sequence. I say “burnout” because we really do want to tire out the arm muscles. I advise that you use 2 or 3 lb dumbbells, trust me, you will definitely get a burn. In the video, I am using 5 lb dumbbells because I do not currently have lower weights at my apartment. If you do not have dumbbells, find some canned goods in your place and you’re good to go!

What to know:

  • If the weights ever start to feel overwhelming, you can always set them down and do the moves with just body weight. You will still feel a burn.
  • Make sure to keep your tail bone turned down and core turned on. This means to be careful not to dump into your lower belly.
  • Soft bend in your knees and never fully lock out your arms.


  • Start with warming up your arms with loosening up your shoulders and joints. Once you’re feeling warmed up pick up your weights or canned goods.
  • Arms straight out from shoulders:
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
    • Circle slightly in x 20
    • Circle slight out x 20
    • Pulse one inch in x 20
    • Combo: One inch up + one inch in x 20
  • 90 Degree arms (make sure to keep the shoulders relaxed away from the ears):
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
    • Pulse one inch in x 20
    • Combo: One inch up + one inch in x 20
    • Open up to Goal Post arms and close back in x 10 (make sure to keep controlled moves instead of working from momentum)
  • Goal Post Arms:
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
  • T Arms:
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
    • Circle forward slightly x 20
    • Circle back slightly x 20
    • Turn palms facing back + pulse up one inch x 20
  • Hinge at the hips w/ a flat back:
    • Bring palms together directly below the shoulders and lift back up with control (not momentum) x 10
  • T arms w/ hinged hips:
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
    • Circle forward slightly x 20
    • Circle back slightly x 20
    • Combo: Bring palms together directly below the shoulders then lift up with one arm out to the side and one arm straight forward/rotate arm directions x 20
  • Triceps = Palms behind you back about 2-3 inches above the hips
    • Pulse up one inch x 20
    • Circle in slightly x 20
    • Circle out slightly x 20
    • Hold 30 seconds + can lift to the toes if looking for a challenge
  • Stretch!

You can find the YouTube video here:

Or following along with me on Instagram @onedreamyyogaflow where I also post all #WDW videos on IGTV.