Dijon Mustard Salmon.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been a bit silent lately since I’ve been SO BUSY with everything going on in my life. I plan to share later on all of that but wanted to share a kick easy meal I pulled together the other night for dinner.

I found this quick salmon recipe while scrolling through Facebook a couple days ago and was like, “I have all those ingredients… let’s do it!”. And it was QUICK and so easy!

A few items that I normally have in my freezer for situations just like these are salmon, shrimp, and frozen veggies. These are items for me that I can pull out and throw something together when I can’t think of anything else to eat. What are your items?


  • 2 pieces of frozen Salmon
  • 1/2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
  • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice
  • Seasoning of choice (I have a fish blend and garlic salt blend I picked up from Whole Foods that I like to use)
  • Frozen Veggie Blend
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Aminos
  • 1 Tbsp Homemade Ranch


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  • In a pan, layer a large piece of foil and place salmon in the center of the pan.
  • Blend mustard, lemon juice, and seasoning in a small cup then layer on top of Salmon.
  • Fold foil together to make a pocket of the salmon and bake for around 30-35 minutes or until fish is slightly still bright pink in the middle and cooked fully on the outside.
  • While the fish is baking, sauté frozen veggie in a pan. Start with the veggies cooking off the frozen layer of ice and then add coconut aminos in the pan. Sauté until aminos are fully cooked down into the veggies.
  • Place veggies in a bowl, top with ranch, and layer a piece of Salmon on top.
  • Enjoy! 💃🏻

This is my new favorite quick meal to throw together. I also used the leftover salmon last night to throw together a quick salad with spinach, quinoa, and salsa. 😋 What are all of your favorite quick meals? They are seriously the best when in a pinch for time 👌🏻 I’ll be sharing next week about quick carb free lunches next week so stay tune!


Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup.

This recent snowy weather has put me in the mood for my favorite soup; Chicken Tortilla. Not only is the recipe delicious and pretty healthy but it also can be whipped up in the crockpot in just a few hours. The only work is shredding the chicken!

I was raised in a household that loved soup and my dad could throw together some of the best variations so it is always been a favorite meal of mine and additional bonus; great leftovers!

Soup Ingredients:

  • 2 Chicken Breast
  • 1 Can Diced Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Diced Onions
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Diced Peppers
  •  1 tsp Cumin Seasoning
  • 1 tsp Chilli Powder Seasoning
  • ~3 Cups of Broth (I go between Vegetable and Chicken broth – whichever I have on hand)

Topping Ingredients:

  • Greek Yogurt/Sour Cream
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Shredded Mexican Cheese


  • Place all Soup Ingredients in the crockpot and cook on high heat for 2 1/2 hours.
  • Remove Chicken and shred into pieces and place back into the pot.
  • Cook on low heat for another 3 hours.
  • Dish up into bowls, top with desired toppings, & enjoy!



April Favorites.

Things I’m not looking forward to:

  • The N’SYNC references over the next couple days.
  • Mentions of Game of Thrones.
  • Mentions of the new Avengers movie.

Am I completely out of the loop here to be not a fan of either of the Game of Throne or Avengers? I’ve been seeing a ton of complaining that neither is “living up to the hype” but I’m also questioning if I need to have a binge session. Literally, I considered getting an HBO Go subscription. I digress.

On to my new favorites this last month! It has been crazy hectic and I can not believe it is already May. It has been snowing here the last two days and seriously making me consider why I moved away from California in the middle of the Winter. Why do I do this to myself? But the forecast is calling for 70 degrees this weekend so that will be glorious. I’ll also be attending my next fitness training this weekend so hopefully loads of new content will be coming your way.

April Favs:

  • Atteca – This is seriously my new favorite red Grenache wine lately. I received it in one of my monthly wine memberships and I immediately fell in love. It has a bold smooth flavor that pairs well with pasta and pizza (and you know my heart belongs to both of those).
  • Coconut Aminos – I’ve recently been binging on my girl, Whitney Simmons’ YouTube videos again and she is constantly been mentioning the swamp between Soy Sauce and Coconut Aminos. I made the change this last month and you honestly can’t tell the difference.
  • Running – Found my love again for one of my favorite workouts. I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon but I don’t want to dive in to quickly. If you’ve been following along on my Insta stories, you’ll see I’ve been playing around with interval runs mostly and normally stick to 1-3 miles.
  • Yellow + Peach Nail Polish – I’ve been seeing the bright yellow nail polish everywhere and I’m. A. Fan. It’s the perfect little touch to brighten up my mood in this random snowy weather.
  • American Eagle’s Destroyed White Wash Jeans – I know I am super late to the game on this trend but I finally jumped on board and I’m obsessed with how comfortable this fit is from AE. Also, these are on Sale for 20% off right now! (This does not mean I have gotten over the fear that I am going to sit in something every time I wear these.)
  • No Exit by Taylor Adams – I read this book in 3 days last month. THREE. DAYS. If you like suspense then you definitely need to check out this book.

Alright, see ya next year April!



Adventure Pack Favorites.

In honor of my first BLITZ day as a BANGS Ambassador I wanted to share my favorite adventure items! Who doesn’t love a good adventure? I love to explore new areas and experience new cultures and it’s super important to have the necessities along the way. So I am sharing my adventure pack today in this special post for #BLITZday. These are the items that I don’t leave the house without:

  1. Kavu Bag
    • I can not say enough about the Kavu brand. Their bags are amazing quality, super cute, lightweight, and I get a ton of compliments every time I care mine around. The bag is a cute style with a one shoulder strap, has plenty of pockets, and hasn’t caused any stress on my back or shoulder when carrying it around.
  2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • If you’re as obsessed with music as I am then you’ll want to have a portable bluetooth speaker available when needed kayaking down the river, rock climbing, or simply sitting around a campfire.
  3. BANGS
    • These shoes are perfect for any adventure you have in mind & I currently have my eye on the Nautical Slip ons!
  4. Sunscreen
    • Skincare is extremely important and is not something to skip on so this item might be the most important to make sure you have.
  5. NUUN Active Electrolytes
    • NUUN Electrolytes have been my go-to for replenishing after a long run, during a tough hike, or when need of a pick me up while out exploring. These tablets are an amazing alertnative to drop in some water instead of reaching for a Powerade that is filled with grams of sugar.
  6. Patagonia Cap
    • I either have a pair of sunglasses or my Patagonia cap for more protection from the sun and to look cute in photos. 🙂

What are your favorite adventure items that you don’t leave the house without?


Mountain Hippie Healthnut.

*Name Change Alert*

We’re switching things up over here because I like to keep life spicy. I’ve updated the blog and Instagram name from One Dreamy Yoga Flow to Mountain Hippie Healthnut.

This has been a thought of mine for a while now because I felt I wasn’t resonating with the old name, which many of you might not know that I came up with around 2012.

The new name, Mountain Hippie Healthnut, incorporates my lifestyle of adventure, activity, and overall wellness. I’m really excited for all the projects that have come out of this blog and a lot of items that are currently in the works! To get you as excited as me you can look forward to the following content in the coming months:

  • Featured influencers & amazing people
  • Weekly posts dedicated to specific Yoga poses & Barre Moves
  • Adventure Guides
  • Crystal & Gem Series
  • More ‘What I Eat in a Day’ posts
  • Favorites Series
  • Good Vibe Stuff (obvi)
  • And more!

If there is anything particular you would like to see, let ya girl know!

Let’s get rowdy up in here fellow mountain hippies & health nuts.


How to Prepare for a Morning Work Out Class.

I’m not going to lie, I am one of the worst about getting up in the morning for working out. I claim to be a morning person but when it comes to working out in the morning, I am not that type of person!

Low and behold, I am trying to turn over a new leaf. So whether you are trying to hop over to your gym, tie on your sneakers for a sunrise jog, or getting into an early workout class then we’re in this together.

With anything, a morning work out can be made easier with some helpful tips and tricks. I’ve compiled a few different things that normally help me roll out of bed a little easier before the sun has started to shine.

  • Set out your work out clothes. If you already have them laid out, it is much easier to slip into them instead of spending time picking out what you’re going to wear.
  • Even better, wear your work out clothes to bed. I do this all the time and I am not ashamed one bit.
  • Recruit a buddy early on. This is probably one of the best tricks because you don’t want to let the other person down and now you have a reliablity partner to make sure you show up.
  • Set up a routine that is easy to stick to and not intimidating. If you’re signing up for 5AM CrossFit but you’ve never hit up a CrossFit workout before or you’re aiming to run 6 miles and you’re not in shape to run 1, then you’ll more than likely talk yourself out of a work out that doesn’t sound enjoyable. Find fitness routines that spark interest and a little be of excitement maybe; Hot Yoga, Zumba, Sunrise Hikes. Start simple and then expand the horizon.
  • The night before, prepare a quick healthy snack before you leave the house. A workout on an empty stomach is no bueno, so prepare a protein bar or piece of fruit you can munch on your way.
  • Prepare your breakfast in advance as well. You’ll probably be in an early if you’re coming home between your work out and work so have a healthy meal ready so you’re not scrambling.
  • Set an alarm with a tune that will pump you up to get out of bed. The normal alarm sound is lame and super unmotivating. Set up an alarm that will blast some Sia or Beyonce. A tune that will get you jazzed to start your day off on the right foot.
  • And most important enjoy your workout once you’re there!


Wine Down Wednesday: Quads + Side Hips

Happy Middle of the week (I guess it is my new trend to post the explanations to the WDW videos on Thursday 😉 )

I was dealing with some allergies yesterday and was concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy to film but it miraculously cleared up around mid-afternoon. If you follow along with my Instagram stories you would’ve seen I threw together a quick Chicken Tortilla Soup even though it was a beautiful warm day. Sometimes ya just need some good soup! And I’ll be sharing that recipe later this week.

For this episode, we’re focusing on building up quad and side hip strength. These are excellent moves you can do right in front of the television and you remain seated the entire time. I used two blocks but feel free to substitute with a few books or boxes if you do not have blocks. For the leg lift portion, you can play around with different heights and distances between your blocks to continue to challenge the quad muscles.

Pair the below directions with the video here on YouTube or over on IGTV.


  • We don’t start out with much of a warmup in this episode but if you do need to move a little bit before getting into the actual sequence feel free to do some stretches, lunges, or squats to wake up the muscles.
  • Start with one-inch leg lifts (x20) on the right leg, really focusing on engaging your quad muscles and try not to sway your upper half.
    • Move into rainbow motion (x20) on the right leg, where you are still focusing on just isolating the quad muscle lift but creating an arch from side to side. Try not to use momentum here!
    • Small circles one direction (x20) than opposite direction (x20) on the same leg. The smaller the circle motion the better.
    • Crunch = here you’ll lift your leg a little higher than we started with and at the same time crunch in with your core. Still, focus on lifting your leg with your quad though!
    • Switch to the left leg and repeat.
    • Repeat this entire sequence on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Leg lifts with the blocks = you can get creative here! Place the blocks about 2 feet apart between wide legs.
    • Lift the right leg up and over between each block and back. Repeat 20x.
      • Switch to the left leg x20.
      • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
    • Both legs lifting up and into the center x20. You can use your hands here for stability.  This one is a tough one!
    • Both legs together and lift up and over x20.
  • Stack blocks together either on the horizontal or vertical side.
    • Lift the right leg up and over x20
    • Lift the left leg up and over x20
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Set blocks to the side and move onto your side hip with your legs at 90-degree angles.
    • Lift the right foot up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the right knee up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the entire left up off the group about a few inches (you might need to lean to the side for stability here)
    • Repeat on the left leg.
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 times
  • Cool down with stretching!!
  • Now relax