Wine Down Wellness: Lower Body.



It’s been a short moment since the last Wine Down Wednesday. The last few weeks have been an insanely busy time and I’ve decided to change up these posts. Instead of Wine Down Wednesday, they will be “Wine Down Wellness” so I can post them when it is a bit more convenient and potentially more often.

Today’s Wine Down Wellness series is focused on low impact, lower-body moves. If I’m looking to put less impact on my knees and ankles, I will not jump but simply do these moves at a slower stepping pace. If I’m looking for more of a challenge in my workout for the day, I will then jump. Let me know if you try this sequence out, mix it up, and how it felt for you!

Warm Up (1 Round)

  • 60 High Knees (slow pace)
  • 40 Full Range Squats
  • 60 Forward Lunges (Rotate between each leg)
  • 60 Jumping Jacks

Set 1 (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Up Downs
  • 50 Butt Kicks
  • 15 Full Squats

Set 2 (3 Rounds)

  • 20 Lunges Pulsing down Right
  • 20 Lunges Pulsing down Left
  • 20 Sumo squats with side crunches at the bottom
  • 20 Power Knee ups Right
  • 20 Power Knee ups Lift

Set 3 (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Squats w/ Leg lift to the side (rotate sides)
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges Right
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges Left
  • 40 Squat + Toe Tap Right
  • 40 Squat + Toe Tap Left

Set 4 = Floor (3 Rounds)

  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 40 Plank Hip Dips
  • 45 Hip Thrusters
  • 20 Side Leg Lifts Right
  • 20 Side Leg Lifts Left

Cool Down

Let’s Get It!


EMFs + Self-Care


I wanted to take a moment here to discuss EMFs, Electromagnetic Fields, and how we should be interacting with these fields as well as self-care.

What Are EMFs?

The National Cancer Institute defines electric and magnetic fields as invisible areas of energy that are produced by electricity, which is the movement of electrons, or current, through a wire. Electric fields are produced whether or not a device is turned on, whereas magnetic fields are produced only when current is flowing.

We come in contact with this energy every day. This energy helps us communicate, cook, and even solve complex medical issues.

  • Radio Broadcasting Waves
  • Cell Phone Radiation Waves
  • Wifi + Bluetooth Waves
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared Waves
  • X-Ray Waves

Being in a field where I’m constantly interacting with technology makes it difficult to avoid. But there are simple ways we can disconnect more from everyday technology and EMFs!


  • Take breaks every 30 minutes – take your hands off the keyboard, move your eyes around the room, take a quick walk, grab a snack. There are so many ways you can step away.
  • Set devices 5-6 feet away from you when watching television.
  • Get outside without devices for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Go for a walk without your phone, layout at the pool, go for a bike ride, have coffee with a friend.
  • Set limits on your Social Media platforms or your phone altogether.
  • Unplug electronics by the bed or remove from your bedroom all together when sleeping.
  • Flip off the circuit breaker to your room.

Can you think of any additional tips that can help you disconnect from your devices?

Favorite Healthy Snacks.

After a long weekend of another round of Teach Training and a quick weekend trip to St. Louis for a bridal shower, I’m always so thankful for stocking up on healthy snacks. If you’re hungry, I’m normally the person to go to because I always have snacks packed in my purse, gym bag, pockets, car, desk drawers, and every other nook and cranny.

For me, the most important element I look for in snacks is sugar. If there is a high amount of grams of sugar in anything, I’ll normally avoid it. This is because if I am going to splurge on sugar, it’s going to be a delicious dessert, not added grams throughout my day when it can easily be avoided. For the most part, I’m focused on added sugar and not so much the natural sugars you’ll find in fruits, so I will indulge in plenty of fruit throughout my day.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

  • Protein Bars: My favorite brand is ONE and you can find these at most grocery stores.
  • LARA Bars: I’m obsessed with the Lemon or Coconut Cream Pie flavors.
  • Pretzel Thins
  • Fresh Fruit
    • Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, watermelon
  • String Cheese
  • 2 Good Greek Yogurt
  • Dove Dark Chocolate
  • Sliced Cucumbers w/ Homemade Ranch
  • Hummus with veggies or Pretzel Thins
  • Beanitos Tortilla Chips and fresh homemade salsa or guacamole

What are your current favorite snacks? I’m always mixing my daily eating habits around so I’ll share again in a few weeks new ideas 🙂

Stay Beautiful.

What To Do When In a Funk.

It happens. I’ve been in a funk myself for the last week and a half. It just seemed to be a consistent trend where I was getting bad news every time I turned around. When it rains it pours right? I’m not even a fan of that saying but it just seems to HAPPEN THAT WAY sometimes.

And you fall into a negative mindset where you’re only focusing on what is going wrong and it can be difficult at times to pull yourself out. But guess what? Only you can make the change!

“Everyday can’t be sunny or else it would all be deserts.”

I’m sharing some simple activities you can do that will build up to a brighter mood! These work together to make a big impact so take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. But try implementing a few of these into your everyday lifestyle and see what shifts and changes for the positive.

  •  Give yourself 10 minutes in the morning. Just sit with your morning coffee or tea, set aside the phone and technology, and just sit with your thoughts.
  • Set a positive mantra for your day. I personally like “Today might be cloudy, but my life isn’t cloudy.” This is a little thought you can come back to when you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.
  • Take a walk outside. It is crazy what a little bit of nature can do to pull us out of our own reality.
  • Get creative! Paint, draw, write, dance, build a craft, write a song, play an instrument. Just let whatever wants to come out, come out.
  • Make yourself a nice meal. Seriously, splurge on yourself with one of your all-time favorite meals.
  • Work out. Release any built up stress or energy you have with a high-intensity run or weight training class. Or maybe, tap into your thoughts and process through a yoga flow.
  • Meditate. Sit in stillness and remove yourself from thoughts.
  • Start a gratitude journal and begin to jot down a few things that you are grateful for each day.
  • Most important: Don’t get down on yourself! You’re awesome and wonderful and you have so much to be happy for!

This change will take a bit of time. It might take a few days or weeks but focus on the positive in your life. If you’re having a hard time and need to vent or talk to someone, know I am always here! You can reach me at or in DM on my Instagram @mountainhippiehealthnut. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your hump day!!

Stay beautiful.

What I Eat In A Day: Weekend.

On weekends, I typically stick to around 2 larger meals and a few snacks in between.

I’ll wake up around mid-morning and usually hit up a work out class. Depending on how I feel, I’ll either have coffee or pre-workout as well as a small snack like a banana or apple a few hours before class.

After class I’ll make sure I get in protein right away with a protein smoothie or a small bar.

Once I get home, I love whipping up a large breakfast. I’ve been really into egg & veggie scrambles or if I need to get in some carbs I’ll make a batch of protein pancakes (I’m obsessed with Kodak Cakes) with a banana and berries blended in. I’m super basic and love a good blended latte but not super into spending $5 on coffee so I’ll blend up my own concoction of ice, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, & espresso.

If I get hungry later in the day, I’ll snack on hummus and pretzel chips or chips and salsa.

Once dinner rolls around, I’m pulling out fish from the freezer because Spring always gets me in a Seafood mood. I’m been pairing my Dijon Mustard Salmon with sautéed veggies and homemade ranch.

Later in the evening, I’ll indulge in either a homemade protein bar or some fruit with sugar free whip cream (also maybe a glass of good red wine ;)).


Wine Down Wednesday #6: Squats

Were you able to guess what song I set this week’s sequence to?

Since I had a fitness instructor audition this week I decided to dedicate this week’s #WineDownWednesday to my squat sequence. So get ready to lift that booty and get tone the quads.

Video can be found on YouTube and on my IGTV channel. This week’s sequence will flow best set up on a yoga mat but you do not need one! I am cueing a few upper body moves with weights so feel free to add those into the set but also you can do this sequence just focusing on lower body.

This week’s tips:

  • Weight is in your heels.
  • Knees stay behind your toes.
  • Engage your core so you don’t dump into your stomach.
  • Chest stays lifted, open and proud.


  • Start with full extension squats (30x) Can add in bicep or hammer curls here for added upper body moves.
  • Stay low and pulse (30x)
  • Slow pulse stepping to the back of your mat. End in pulsing at the back of the mat (30x)
  • Full extension squat (30x)
  • Frontal kicks (30x)
  • Stay low and pulse (30x)
    • Lift right heel high (20x)
    • Lift left heel high (20x)
    • Back to right heel high (10x)
    • Back to left heel high (10x)
    • Alternate between the two (40x)
  • Step back up to the top of your mat in a low pulse walk
  • Two step Full extension squat (30x)
  • Toe tap to the right in a low pulse (25x)
  • Toe tap to the left in a low pulse (25x)
  • Hold low squat (:30 seconds)


Dijon Mustard Salmon.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been a bit silent lately since I’ve been SO BUSY with everything going on in my life. I plan to share later on all of that but wanted to share a kick easy meal I pulled together the other night for dinner.

I found this quick salmon recipe while scrolling through Facebook a couple days ago and was like, “I have all those ingredients… let’s do it!”. And it was QUICK and so easy!

A few items that I normally have in my freezer for situations just like these are salmon, shrimp, and frozen veggies. These are items for me that I can pull out and throw something together when I can’t think of anything else to eat. What are your items?


  • 2 pieces of frozen Salmon
  • 1/2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
  • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice
  • Seasoning of choice (I have a fish blend and garlic salt blend I picked up from Whole Foods that I like to use)
  • Frozen Veggie Blend
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Aminos
  • 1 Tbsp Homemade Ranch


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  • In a pan, layer a large piece of foil and place salmon in the center of the pan.
  • Blend mustard, lemon juice, and seasoning in a small cup then layer on top of Salmon.
  • Fold foil together to make a pocket of the salmon and bake for around 30-35 minutes or until fish is slightly still bright pink in the middle and cooked fully on the outside.
  • While the fish is baking, sauté frozen veggie in a pan. Start with the veggies cooking off the frozen layer of ice and then add coconut aminos in the pan. Sauté until aminos are fully cooked down into the veggies.
  • Place veggies in a bowl, top with ranch, and layer a piece of Salmon on top.
  • Enjoy! 💃🏻

This is my new favorite quick meal to throw together. I also used the leftover salmon last night to throw together a quick salad with spinach, quinoa, and salsa. 😋 What are all of your favorite quick meals? They are seriously the best when in a pinch for time 👌🏻 I’ll be sharing next week about quick carb free lunches next week so stay tune!