Wine Down Wednesday: Quads + Side Hips

Happy Middle of the week (I guess it is my new trend to post the explanations to the WDW videos on Thursday 😉 )

I was dealing with some allergies yesterday and was concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy to film but it miraculously cleared up around mid-afternoon. If you follow along with my Instagram stories you would’ve seen I threw together a quick Chicken Tortilla Soup even though it was a beautiful warm day. Sometimes ya just need some good soup! And I’ll be sharing that recipe later this week.

For this episode, we’re focusing on building up quad and side hip strength. These are excellent moves you can do right in front of the television and you remain seated the entire time. I used two blocks but feel free to substitute with a few books or boxes if you do not have blocks. For the leg lift portion, you can play around with different heights and distances between your blocks to continue to challenge the quad muscles.

Pair the below directions with the video here on YouTube or over on IGTV.


  • We don’t start out with much of a warmup in this episode but if you do need to move a little bit before getting into the actual sequence feel free to do some stretches, lunges, or squats to wake up the muscles.
  • Start with one-inch leg lifts (x20) on the right leg, really focusing on engaging your quad muscles and try not to sway your upper half.
    • Move into rainbow motion (x20) on the right leg, where you are still focusing on just isolating the quad muscle lift but creating an arch from side to side. Try not to use momentum here!
    • Small circles one direction (x20) than opposite direction (x20) on the same leg. The smaller the circle motion the better.
    • Crunch = here you’ll lift your leg a little higher than we started with and at the same time crunch in with your core. Still, focus on lifting your leg with your quad though!
    • Switch to the left leg and repeat.
    • Repeat this entire sequence on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Leg lifts with the blocks = you can get creative here! Place the blocks about 2 feet apart between wide legs.
    • Lift the right leg up and over between each block and back. Repeat 20x.
      • Switch to the left leg x20.
      • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
    • Both legs lifting up and into the center x20. You can use your hands here for stability.  This one is a tough one!
    • Both legs together and lift up and over x20.
  • Stack blocks together either on the horizontal or vertical side.
    • Lift the right leg up and over x20
    • Lift the left leg up and over x20
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 more times.
  • Set blocks to the side and move onto your side hip with your legs at 90-degree angles.
    • Lift the right foot up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the right knee up about 1 inch off the ground and repeat x 20
    • Lift the entire left up off the group about a few inches (you might need to lean to the side for stability here)
    • Repeat on the left leg.
    • Repeat on both legs 2-3 times
  • Cool down with stretching!!
  • Now relax



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